Monday, September 5, 2011

Oooo Baby! Pacifier Clip Tutorial by Taylor

Wow!  This past week of starting back to school has worn me out!  Hopefully Hilary and I will be back to posting more frequently when we get into the routine of working again after our wonderful summer off!
I wanted to share with you an idea that a friend gave me.  She mentioned that her girls are constantly dropping their pacifiers, and that a friend made her a clip that works with any type of pacifier, even the kind without the ring on the end.  I decided to give it a try.
First, I bought coordinating ribbon.  For each pacifier you need about 13 inches of 7/8in. wide ribbon and about 6.5 inches of 3/8in. wide ribbon.  You will not want to use satin ribbon, because it will not be sturdy enough to hold up to a baby pulling on it.  You also need suspender clips.  I got all my supplies at Hobby Lobby.
First, I cut my ribbon.  
Then, I threaded my 7/8in. ribbon through the suspender clip.  I zigzag stitched the ribbon together several times to ensure that it would hold up to wear and tear.  
Next, I folded over the ends of the 7/8in. ribbon and folded the 3/8in. ribbon in half.  I slipped the 3/8in. ribbon in between where I had folded the 7/8in. ribbon and zigzag stitched them together.  
Then I was done!  Its as simple as that!  My friend tested the clips on her babies and they worked perfectly!  Then I made new ones for another friend's new baby boy!  Let me know if you try this yourself, OR if your are interested in buying one for your own baby (or one you love to spoil;)) please send me a message or comment on this post and I would be happy to make some for you!