Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Craft day by Hilary and Taylor

Today was the first day Taylor and I had a break in our crazy schedules to get together and do some much needed crafting! ( like the song says... School is out for summer!!)We decided to make some canvas paintings using only mod podge, paper, vinyl stickers, stencils and canvases. For our vinyl sticker paintings we chose to use song lyrics from our wedding dances. We just celebrated our one year anniversaries ( June 4th for me, and June 18th for Taylor) and thought it was appropriate to give our new homes decoration from our wedding days! Our second picture was inspired by a pin on pinterest, doily canvases. Finally, both being pet lovers we had to show our love of our pets by making silhouettes. We hope you and enjoy our pictures and become as inspired as we were today! We hope post more more frequently throughout the summer and post about not only home decor and crafting, but also add a style portion to create a diverse blog to meet everyone's needs!