Monday, February 6, 2012

Moss Covered Wreath by Taylor

Being a new home owner, I was not aware of the crucial problem that occurs after Christmas- the "It's Not Spring but It's Not Christmas and What the Heck do I Decorate For" problem. Fellow decorators, I know you can relate. I took down the holiday decor, cleaned the house and then realized how EMPTY our house felt after a month and a half of coziness. Since NC has been unseasonably warm this winter, I decided to go ahead and welcome Spring in a subtle way. I found some pics of moss covered wreaths online and got to work making my own. All I needed was a strip of burlap, a foam wreath form, hot glue, moss, and protective floral spray.
Not pictured: floral spray, and I only ended up needing one bag of moss:)

First, I hot glued the moss to the wreath form. I did the top layer first, then the sides. 

Then, I sprayed it with protective floral spray so as to prevent the moss from absorbing moisture and/or coming unglued.
Finally, I tied the burlap strip into a bow and voila!!! I was done! I may add to it later on, but for now I like the simplicity of my sweet little wreath, don't you?

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