Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Curtain Cover Up by Taylor

When I was in ninth grade, my dad came home to see that I had taken down the door to my closet and replaced it with a curtain.  The door opened inward, and frankly, I was tired of it squishing my clothes!!!  I wanted a pretty alternative to a door, and my mom and I thought a curtain hung by a spring rod would be a great idea!  Although my dad didn't seem too pleased that I now had a door on the floor of my room, I loved the look of my new closet. We decided to put the door in the attic and leave the curtains up.  

I recently came across a similar problem in our new house.  Our laundry room is upstairs off of our guest bathroom and there were bifold doors that held the washer and dryer.  Unfortunately, the doors would not close when we installed our washer and dryer because the space was too small.  
It was then that I remembered that moment in ninth grade and I decided to make curtains to cover the space.

First, Billy took the doors down and touched up some spots where they had rubbed off the paint on the door frame.  Then, I measured the area I wanted to cover.  I bought a spring rod from Walmart that fit the space and then found some really pretty Shabby Chic (of course) fabric at Hobby Lobby.  
(By the way- make sure you look for coupons online before you shop- I didn't that day, but a lady generously gave me her extra 40% off!).  I knew I wanted my curtains to be two paneled to make them more interesting, so I used my measurements of the space to figure out how much fabric I would need.  Then, I came home and got to work.
I cut each panel and then sewed them together.  I ironed, pinned, and sewed each seam.  To hang the curtains, I bought bronze curtain clips at Hobby Lobby.  This was really easy because I didn't even have to sew a hole for the curtain rod!

I am really happy with the final result- Billy doesn't even mind that they are just a little bit pink ;) I think this idea would be great for someone who doesn't have a sewing machine too- just get some curtains or pretty sheets and hang them up!  It adds a lot of color to the room, and it is very functional- just slide them aside and it is easy to get to work in the laundry room!

They make a great hiding spot too!  :-)


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  1. I really love to see young people get into Shabby and Vintage projects. YOU GO GIRLS. SHABBY FRIENDS.......