Monday, July 11, 2011

Meet Taylor

This is me, Taylor, with my new husband, Billy!

We just got married this past June and moved into our new house!

I am so excited to decorate that I can hardly stand it- and luckily I have an extremely understanding husband who doesn't mind a little pink or some floral patterns here and there!

My decorating style is definitely shabby chic- but not on the overly frilly side.  It is more about using light colors (sage, rose, sea foam etc.) and furniture that is comfortable and gives that "lived in" feel.  To me, decorating doesn't have to mean that you spent a fortune.  I buy a lot of my furniture at Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, yardsales, etc.  A new coat of paint or a new finish and it has a brand new life!  My mom has been using this technique for years and I guess she unknowingly instilled it in me.  I love anything that has been reused or re-purposed.  Even our wedding was my version of shabby chic (which I will post on as soon as we get our pics back)!  I hope you enjoy keeping up with our blog, and that maybe you can get some ideas for your own space!  I know that I have a lot of creative family members and friends that inspire me every day, so hopefully this will be a way we can share our ideas!  Thanks for reading!

Taylor :)

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