Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet Hilary

Although Taylor and I have very similar tastes when it comes to crafting and decorating homes, we at the same time, have very different tastes.  I would describe my style as a vintage 1920's shabby chic with a hint of bright colors. I visit Goodwill, antique stores, and Habitat at least once a week, most of the time to make purchases but sometimes to get creative ideas. Creating a vintage motif can be a very cheap and fun process. Finding an old claw foot table or old desk and painting it our favorite color, ivory, and using sandpaper to distress and change the drawer pulls always gives the piece a sense of individuality.

My husband Brian and I on on one of our many trips to the NC mountains!

Our goal:
Throughout this blog we will upload before and after pictures of what you can find in our own homes, and also of the hand crafts we are currently making on our new sewing and embroidering machines. We would love to eventually sell some of these crafted items for a bargain price that we ourselves wouldn't mind paying. But for now we will just focus on instructions showing you how you can create these pieces on your own at home! Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you!

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