Monday, July 25, 2011

Quilted Pillows by Hilary

Trying to get your living space to mesh together and don't have the money to buy expensive pillows? Who does? They are outrageously priced!!!!  Go visit your local Goodwill and buy pillow shams! I bought two quilt shams that go with my living room motif and made two matching pillows for around $7.00- stuffing, shams and backing included!

The starting look :

First cut the extra edges off:

Then turn the outsides of the fabric so that they are facing each other and do a straight stitch around. Make sure you leave a gap to put pillow filling in (big enough for your hand to fit in).  Also, if using a quilt sham, the quilt batting needs to be on the outside (two outside pieces facing each other with batting on the outside).

Next, turn your pillow inside out. I added an extra cosmetic step to make pillows look more "professionally made."  This step was nothing more than making an extra straight stitch an inch on the inside of your first stitch. Make sure to leave the same open hole you originally had to stuff your pillow. Make sure your pillow has been turned right side out first!! This will give your pillow a decorative edge.

Next stuff your pillow and hand sew it shut. After, don't forget to sew your extra strip of decorative edge on the open section for a finished look.

I recommend using a neutral backing fabric I you can't salvage the original sham backing.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I'm enjoying my new pillows!!! The next few tutorials I will be doing will be my DIY home (and baby shower gift) tutorials being as how now that I am newly married and broke (cough cough) and trying to set up my new town-home.

If you have any suggestions for my project please let me know! Or if you have any ideas for future blogs I would be happy to try them out!! Thanks for all of your support! Xoxo

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