Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Shabby Chic Bedroom Redo by Hilary

A few weeks ago my mom decided to redo her entire bedroom. Of course I was involved in this! We took out every piece of furniture in her room and decided to revamp her old pieces and give it a shabby chic feel. We started with her 30 year old sleigh bed. We threw a coat of satin ivory paint and this time used a new method other than sand paper. We used paint thinner and an old towel. This worked perfectly.

Using the paint thinner made it easier to get your distressing down to the bottom layer without much hard work.

We finally got our finished result and I was very pleased!! So our lesson learned today was that not only can you buy old items and fix them up but you can redo your old furniture you already have!

As you can see in this picture we used an old milk crate as a side table!! Also an old iron lamp that we painted a darker shade of ivory that was my great grandmothers!
Everything used in this room was either an old family piece or something that my mother has had for years. I think that everything looks so great together. There are other mirrors and stained glass in the room but that's another blog post all together!! :)

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