Monday, August 15, 2011

Repurposing every day items by Hilary

Okay, life has been crazy since I accepted my new 6th grade science teacher position. Now not only are Taylor and I shabby chic fans but both 6th grade teachers!! I wanted to do a quick blog on a simple decoration I have made in my classroom, but this can also be used for an office or dorm room!! I have been saving my tin cans from my can foods and washing them out to use for crayons and pens etc. I decided the cans look very simple and cheap on their own so I decoupaged them with magazine clippings! All you do is mod- podge the outside of the can and then place strips of news paper or magazine clippings onto the glue. You can also take Elmer's glue and mix with water if you don't have mod- podge. After placing the paper on with the glue, wait a few minutes to allow it to dry. Then, take your sponge brush and use it to put mod-podge over the paper to give it a finished look.

Here is an example of the transformation:

All in all this takes five minutes! You can also use fabric scraps or colored tissue paper! These look great on a desk or in a craft room! Good luck on your DIY projects!

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