Monday, August 8, 2011

The Easiest Wall Decor You Will Ever Make by Taylor

Lately I have been seeing a lot of wall art in magazines that was made using embroidery hoops.  I decided to use some of my scrap fabric to create some embroidery art.  It was really easy, and I LOVE how whimsical and eclectic it turned out. 
First, I purchased wooden embroidery hoops at Hobby Lobby.  The large hoop was $2.99 and the small hoops were $0.99 a piece.  I started out by picking out fabric scraps that would coordinate together. To visualize how my project would look, I laid out fabric and laid the hoops on top first (just to make sure my choices coordinated).

To attach the hoops to the fabric, I simply loosened them using the screw on the hoop and separated the two pieces.  Then, I laid the part of the hoop that adjusts flat on the floor.  I placed my fabric over the hoop, making sure I centered the fabric so it would display the patterns on the patterns that I wanted when framed.

Next, I slid the outside part of the hoop over top of the fabric and inside hoop.  I tightened the screw to make sure my work was tightly secured.

Paisley helped!
Then, I turned the hoops over and carefully trimmed the edges of the fabric all the way around the edge of the hoops.

Last but not least, I found a place to hang my project!  I decided to hang them on either sides of the antique mirror above my couch.  They brighten up the room and the circles introduce a new shape into the room.  Let me know if you try this at home!  I would love to post pictures!

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  1. Hi Taylor! I'm Seth Haney's sister...I randomly came across your blog on facebook and I'm a new follower! I loved this post on the wall decor! I actually made some wall art using this method, and I'm going to post pictures on my blog soon. I'll put a link to your step by step directions in my post!